Dying Light 2 Rumored To Be In Development, To Show Up At E3 2018


According to a new report from Poland, Techland is about to reveal that they are working on Dying Light 2 at the upcoming E3 2018. The original game has been massively successful, so this wouldn’t be coming as a surprise.

Dying Light 2 Announcement At E3 2018

Polish website Graczpospolita claims to have heard the news from independent sources as well as current and former Techland employees, although it doesn’t come from a portal which has been already been confirmed and verified in the past.

So, it must be taken as one of those pre-E3 rumors you read about every day, but also it looks rather likely since quite a lot of time has passed since the launch of the first game and Techland has been pretty silent about what it’s doing for the future.

While Hellraid is said to have been cancelled, based on this source it is being claimed that Dying Light 2 would be showcased at E3 2018 with a “high quality trailer” and that the game would be using the upcoming Bad Blood battle royale free add-on as a base for a specific mode to be released on day one for the sequel.

We’ll need to wait and see whether this happens to be confirmed at E3 in June. It could be part of one of the platform owners’ presser or come in a separate venue taking the occasion of the event to have more visibility.

Source: ResetEra