Techland Comments On Dying Light 2 Nintendo Switch Port, Linux Support & More

Techland recently held a Q&A session on Twitter and answered some interesting questions of fans on Dying Light 2, the upcoming survival horror game scheduled to launch in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. One of the most asked questions that came from the community was the size of the Dying Light 2 map as compared to the previous game, and to this Techland revealed that it’s 4 TIMES Bigger than the original game (the figure does not include the size of The Following DLC map size).

Dying Light 2 Dev On Linux Support And Nintendo Switch Support

When asked by a fan: How big is the world/map compared to the first game and “The following”? Techland replied: “4 times bigger, that doesn’t include the following though, cause the map there was huge!”

The next big question was whether Dying Light 2 will have Linux support? the developer replied that they can’t confirm anything right now on it, but the team is definitely looking into it.

In recent time we have seen a lot of AAA games being released on Nintendo Switch, and on this note, a user asked Techland about the possibility of Dying Light 2 getting a Nintendo Switch port? the developer replied that currently the game is currently scheduled to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but “things may change in the future though”.

Few other general questions that Techland answered were: the game is going to support co-op mode, players will have to deal with both zombies and human enemies, and the storyline is set 15 years after the Dying Light.