Dyling Light 2’s Map Is Four Times The Size Of The Previous Game


In a video on the Nvidia GeForce Youtube channel, it has been revealed that Dying Light 2’s map will be four times the size of the one from the original game. In the video, Pawel Rohleder, Chief Technology Officer at Techland, reveals that the “game world will be four times bigger than the whole game world before.”

I am taking this to mean the original base game, and the DLC, which would make the map incredibly large. The map in the original Dying Light was excellently designed. When your game centers around a particularly enjoyable parkour system, you need to design your map to both challenge the player cleverly, and set them free.

The first game did this incredibly well, and I cannot wait to explore the world of the follow-up. Dying Light 2 takes place in the last human settlement left in the infected world. You play as Aiden Caldwell, an infected survivor who happens to have a skill set that makes him quite valuable. Because of who you are, and the things you can do, you are in a unique position to help others achieve their goals. You can choose to raise people to positions of power and influence, or reduce them to being another face in the crowd.

The combat and exploration in the first game was fun and exciting, so the idea of having four times the fun in an even larger world is going to appeal to fans.

Dying Light 2 releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2020.