Dying Light: Bad Blood “Brutal Royale” Launches Early Access In September, Then Gets F2P


Dying Light: Bad Blood releases this September on Steam Early Access. It’s going to be priced $19,99, with a Founder’s Pack complete of in-game currency and items for three months, before becoming free to play at a later stage on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ahead of launch, a limited number of invitations will go out on August 22 for a one-day preview from 9 a.m. PT on Saturday, Aug. 25, to 9 p.m. PT on Sunday, Aug. 26. You could sign up for this quick trial until Sunday.


“We’ve always been keen to add more PvP multiplayer to Dying Light,” Maciej Laczny, Bad Blood’s executive producer, said in a statement (via Polygon). “But we want to do it in the Dying Light way, where this world swarming with infected is just as much a threat as the other players.”

Bad Blood is Techland’s take on the battle royale trend, being dubbed “Brutal Royale” in order to recall the ‘genre’ and try to reinvent it somehow. It’s quite different, though.

12 players will need to scavenge for weapons and loot similar to those found in other battle royale games, but your objective is to get to an evacuation chopper and make sure you are the only one to make it out alive.

It’s a standalone experience, so you don’t need to have the main Dying Light in order to play it, and at this moment it doesn’t have any connection with Dying Light 2, the sequel which was just announced at E3 2018.