How The Dynamax Feature Changes Pokemon Moving Forward


The latest feature to get introduced to the Pokemon franchise is called Dynamax. When a Pokemon is in the Dynamax mode, they’re significantly larger, stronger, and harder to take down. As such, players are going to need to take them down with help from friends.

When trainers encounter a Dynamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, they’re going to need help from three other trainers to take it down. It’s going to act similar to the raids that happen in Pokemon Go where trainers team up to take down a single, powerful creature.

By bringing this mode to one of the main Pokemon games, the developers have changed the single-player dynamic of these games and introduced a new way for multiple people to work together. It brings a more MMO-like playstyle to the franchise, encouraging more players to reach out to others they may not have originally played the game with and strive towards a single goal. These MMO features are also going to influence an individual player’s main story, outside of the online features.

Additionally, it highlights the need for Switch owners to get access to Nintendo’s online subscription format so that players can take advantage of these new features. It shows how much success happened with Pokemon Go that the main developers want to tap into what made that game model successful with the bigger, typically single-player games. We could begin to see more features of bringing random trainers together to tackle a difficult task, such as event weekends where players are going to encounter a rare Dynamax Pokemon.

We have an article dedicated to all of the information we know about Dynamax Pokemon you can read to learn more details about the raid-like mode.

We’re going to learn more about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield when E3 2019 happens next week. Hopefully, the developers talk more about the numerous events they have planned to happen in the game and how players are going to team up to conquer these formidable challenges.