Dynasty Warriors 9 Review Score From Famitsu – 35/40


Dynasty Warriors 9, a PS4 exclusive hack and slash video game that is going to release on February 8, 2018, has got its initial review rating. The game has been rated 35/40 by the popular Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. A panel of four reviewers offer their rating out of 10, for the game, that is counted as 9/9/9/8. The initial rating is good, the game will be first coming on PS4 in Japan and then later on February 13 it will be out for Xbox One and PC for the Western market.

Dynasty Warrirs 9 Rating

Dynasty Warriors 9 features hack and slash game with stealth elements. Open-world environment is introduced for the first time in the series. Players can roam through China following a map. They can travel on foot or use a horse or boat. The map is divided into various cities and towns. There are specific places where large battles take place. Players can simply invade and infiltrate enemy areas using the grappling hook. There is also a day-night cycle with dynamic weather system. Enemy vision is poor in a night or in rain.

Around 30 minutes of gameplay video has been showcased at Taipei Game Show below, jump to 3.19.15 to view first and then after a short while the gameplay video begins. You can also view the gameplay video below, just hit the play button.

The video offers many details about the map system, the game environment, graphics quality, combat system, etc. Graphic quality is stunning, and there are various regions in China you can travel from snowy mountains to the jungle to desserts. There are key landmarks like the Yellow River, that offers an immersive experience of China.

Dynasty Warriors 9 looks good in the video, and the rating my Famitsu clears up that it is going to bring hours of entertainment.