Aaron Greenberg: Leaked E3 2018 Floor Map Is Fake, Xbox Will Be At E3 2018 In A Big Way


E3 2018 is closing in and there seems to be a map of the E3 exhibition space, highlighting the booth space for different companies. And in that map, Microsoft has a really small booth space. To which the twitter reacted in a negative manner. In the leaked map of E3 2018, we can see all the companies and their booths with their booth space. And among those Microsoft’s booth is really small at 75*20 units, whereas last year it was 200*100 units.

E3 2018 Floor Map Leaked

The image is not official and is just a leak, however, it has created quite a stir over the internet. And among that Microsoft’s booth space was quite the hot topic as Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft decided to intervene between that discussion and correct the position of Microsoft at E3 by saying that,


“Maps circulating aren’t accurate. We’re pumped for @E3 2018 and will be there in a big way – at LACC and beyond. More details to come!”.

This clarification arrives at the right time as Microsoft and Team Xbox does not want any negative marketing leading up to the E3 2018.

Surely, a lot is going on behind the closed doors at Team Xbox for this year’s E3. No official announcement has taken place, but a credible insider states that Team Xbox is already working on a new Fable game (Forza Horizon developer PlayGround is working on it), Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition is working on a new Perfect Dark game, Turn 10 is busy with the development of Forza Horizon 4 which will be set in Japan, Crackdown 4 will have a co-op mode which will support up to 4 players i.e. 4 players co-op campaign, and many more things.