Elder Scrolls Online: New Cinematic, Elsweyr, and Dragonhold | E3 2019


Bethesda brings out the scales and fur in their E3 2019 conference for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). With a new cinematic to pull it all together, ESO is looking at a newly released DLC on all platforms, an upcoming DLC, and two new dungeons to explore. And that’s only at minimum.

Launched in 2014, ESO is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game based on the Elder Scrolls series. The game follows the same sort of structure with quests to pick up and turn it for weapons, gear, and money. Players can customize their character, choose from several races, classes, and alliances to build their own unique avatar in the world. The base game alone has over 900 hours of gameplay, but the various DLC chapters unlock even more lore, loot, and locations to explore.

Bethesda opened their announcement by welcoming new players to the game. With the surge in new players they expanded their servers and must continue to grow with their increasing player base, according to their representative.

Everything released by Bethesda was tied to their cinematic trailer for Elsweyr, below. The trailer is a follow up to a teaser seen late in 2018. The trailer follows the two characters, but we really only care about the Khajiit who stole the show anyway, as they take on a newly released rampaging dragon.

The cinematic highlights Elsweyr, the home of the Khajiit, as it is attacked by a dragon and our black-furred hero fights to save it. The Elsweyr DLC not only takes place in the territory of the same name, but brings with it a new spell casting class: The Necromancer, also highlighted in the video.

Regular players will recognize Sai Sahan’s appearance at the end of the trailer. The Bethesda representative announced that he will return later this year in an upcoming DLC called Dragonhold. Sai Sahan leads the new Imperial Dragonguard and will be a prominent NPC.

The Elsweyr DLC was already available for PC players but was just launched for console players.

Also later this year, is the Scale Breaker, a new DLC featuring two new dungeons to explore. Scale Breaker will arrive sometime in August 2019 and Dragonhold will follow sometime in the fourth quarter this year.