Microsoft Promotes Nintendo’s Conference, Hints at Game Pass Coming to the Switch | E3 2019


It looks like Microsoft is promoting Nintendo’s E3 conference, encouraging fans to watch everything they need to see to have a pure Xbox-based E3 event. Here’s the tweet showing the promotion.

There have been rumors circulating for quite some time regarding Microsoft bringing Xbox’s Game Pass to multiple consoles. They want to give as many players as possible the opportunity to play their products and to have the chance to play their games, wherever they go.

It could also be the new Banjo game, which may get revealed during Nintendo’s E3 event.

As of right now, things are incredibly vague on where Microsoft stands with this tweet. They could be doing a general E3 promotion, attempting to bring as many fans together to check out all of the companies at the event. However, it would make far more sense for them to try bridging the gap between console lines, especially given how much support and partnership they’ve had with Nintendo in the past. If they announce the Game Pass for the Nintendo Switch, it would be a huge win for gamers who may only have access to one console.

We’re going to learn more later this week as E3 2019 rolls out. Check out Microsoft’s conference later today at 1 PM PST, 4 PM PST, and 9 PM BST. Because of this announcement, you’re going to want to check out Nintendo’s E3 conference, which kicks off on Tuesday at 9 AM PST, 12 PM EST, and 5 PM BST.