EA CFO Says New Battlefield 2018 Has Astonishing Visuals And Gameplay


EA has previously confirmed that Bioware’s upcoming Anthem has been delayed until next year. 2018 release will be taken by Battlefield instead. EA has confirmed Anthem release during Q3 Earning call, according to which Anthem can be out in a first or last quarter of 2019 fiscal year. Battlefield will make its way on the shelf this year.

Battlefield 2018

EA CEO Andrew House spoke about the new thing in this multiplayer shooter series. He cited that players can expect astonishing visuals and gameplay on new Battlefield. Exact release date and info the game is still unclear. But it is confirmed the game will be out in 2018 and players will be able to amazing visual quality with fresh gameplay features.

Below is an extract from the Press Release, the statement below is from EA CFO Blake Jorgensen:

“Our diversity in the portfolio, platforms, geographies, and business models are the foundation of a robust business that enables us to deliver dependable cash flow. Through the fourth quarter and fiscal 2019, we’ll be launching games across five different genres, on three different platforms, and to players around the world. We expect growth in full-game downloads, subscriptions, extra content, and in our mobile business.”

During the Earning Call, EA also hinted about a new Respawn’s Star War game planned in Fiscal 2020. And there was the discussion on the poor performance of Battlefront 2 sales performance on the loot boxes controversy. EA looks to be working side-by-side on new titles, as well reforming the current game scenarios for better sales.

Source: Electronic Arts Reports Q3 FY18 Financial Results