EA Will Keep Pushing On Loot Boxes Despite The Accusations of Gambling

Electronic Arts has reiterated the intention to keep fuelling its business in the loot box mechanics, no matter whether the laws and regulations around the world (particularly in Netherlands and Belgium) claim they’re gambling or not.

In particular, as stated previously, the publisher is keen into pushing the Ultimate Team system, which is going to be spanned over the course of all the intellectual properties that EA finds suitable to it.

EA Will Keep Pushing Loot Boxes Despite Gambling Controversy

“We’re going to continue pushing forward [with FIFA Ultimate Team],” EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson said during a conference call with industry analysts. “We’re always thinking about our players. We’re always thinking about how to deliver these types of experiences in a transparent, fun, fair, and balanced way for our players — and we’ll continue to work with regulators on that.”

Mostly thanks to it, the publisher declared to have achieved a whopping grow on a year-over-year basis up to $1,25 billion during the last quarter, and that’s even without releasing any major title from its portfolio.

Anyway, Electronic Arts doesn’t see FUT as a slot machine, which is the main accusation made to the publisher and overall to the loot box mechanics that’s had its spannung in Star Wars Battlefront II.

“First, players always receive a specified number of items in every FUT pack,” the executive explained. “Second, we don’t provide or authorize any way to cash out digital items or virtual currency for real-world money. And there’s no real-world value assigned to in-game items.”

EA Play kicks off in June and in that occasion we’ll see whether this vision is being attached with BioWare’s Anthem, too.