EA’s New Matchmaking Patent Rumored To Be Used In Anthem

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According to news published by Gamerant, EA got a new matchmaking patent that can be further used for pushing players towards micro-transactions in its upcoming game. The patent was filed for a Matchmaking Optimization Algorithm called as Engaged Optimized Matchmaking. (EOMM). EA was granted this that focus on factors like play style, sportsmanship, skills, and users interest for micro-transactions.

EA Matchmaking Patent

EA has already damaged its reputation recently that turned out to be year’s worst controversy, where gamers were unhappy against micro-transaction implementation in Battlefront 2.The rage was shared across the web, and gamers around the globe condemned EA’s act of doing this. The outrage was so massive that finally, EA took a decision to temporarily withdraw the revenue model from Star Wars Battlefront 2.

EA was already accused by many of exploiting players, their time and interest in the game by simply pushing them towards paying for items even when they had paid the full cost of the game. This is not the first time we had to see micro-transactions have affected the game’s reputation, but it looks more and more developers are simply working forward to pamper game interest by intentionally adding a business model without informing gamers before.

The patent can be a cause for concern, though it has many factors to look-upon to deliver a competitive gameplay but still at some point gamers will find themselves on a path to pay and win. Yet it is not clear whether how this patent will contribute EA on building up an insensitive revenue model, but it is speculated that EA might try this out in upcoming Sci-fi RPG game by Bioware “Anthem”. For more details, you can read through the source link below.

Source: Gamerant