EA Play 2018: Inside Look At Bioware’s Anthem Confirmed, Unclear If It Will Be Playable


Electronic Arts is not going to take part in this year’s E3 wholeheartedly, instead, they will be hosting their own dedicated event just a few days ahead of the E3 2018. EA via Twitter announced their plans for EA Play 2018. It is going to take place on June 9 and will go on until June 11 at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium. The best part of the announcement was that the new Battlefield game (2018) which is scheduled to launch late 2018 will be playable at the event.

Battlefield 2018 Will Be Playable At EA Play 2018

Right now, we don’t have official details whatsoever on this upcoming Battlefield game, and EA continues to hold their cards close to their chest. The EA Play 2018 announcement simply stated that “the attendees will have a chance to play the next Battlefield experience.”

Recently, an ex-DICE employee hinted that Battlefield 2018 is going to be set during WWII. Peter Olofsson Hermanrud (now works at Bungie), recently updated his ArtStation Profile with two artwork featuring a weapon named PPS-41. The interesting thing about this PPS-41 weapon is that it was not present in Battlefield 1, nor it was available during World War I, but it was used during the World War II.

In addition to this new Battlefield game, EA Play attendees will also get access to some of the upcoming EA Sports game. This is not all, the announcement stated that a new “inside look” of Bioware’s new IP, Anthem, however, there was no clear response on whether it will be available in the playable form.

In short, a lot of upcoming Electronic Arts games will be present at EA Play 2018. So make sure you get your hands on the ticket as soon as they are made available. Please note: Tickets to EA Play are distributed by the publisher for free of cost, this year’s ticket will be distributed in Spring via a new system intended “to give players better hands-on access to their favorite games.”