EA Play Livestreams Will Only Air On June 8


A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts announced that it wouldn’t be coming to E3 2019 with a regular press conference.

It says it would be opting for a player-focused event, although sticking to the brand of EA Play, and streaming to the fans around the world games being played in Los Angeles live.

Now, that remark seems to have been scaled down a bit, since the company has announced livestreams will be done only on June 8.

“We also want to share a quick update on the timing of EA PLAY live streams. We’ve decided to pull all of our live streams into Saturday, June 8, so fans will have a full slate of streams that will take you inside the games and new content, all on one day. The previously planned Friday event will now kickoff our Saturday activities,” said the publisher.

“In addition, hundreds of content creators will be onsite at EA PLAY and streaming live from the Creator’s Cave throughout the weekend. We’ll share more details on our full live stream schedule soon, including all the places you can watch.”

It seems a little buffing but it’s worth noting that the games which will be live streamed include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s first look, so it also seems like an event deserving of some attention.

For players in Los Angeles, the event will still be spanned across two days, and the livestreams themselves will offer multiple hours of entertainment, so bear this in mind.

Are you going to watch the event or you’ll skip it exactly like EA has done with E3 this year? Let us know in the comments below.