Each Halo The Master Chief Collection PC Game To Cost $10


Microsoft has had multiple game announcements at this E3 2019, but perhaps one of the best news out of there is coming from a title we’ve already known about for quite a long time – Halo The Master Chief Collection, in particular, the PC version of the compilation.

IIndeed, in a lengthy blog post on Xbox Wire, community director Brian Jarrard has finally revealed pricing for each game to be purchased individually on Microsoft Store and Steam when they release later this year for PC.

“Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 will be offered at $9.99USD on both the Microsoft Store and Steam while Halo 3: ODST within MCC (with a current scope of Campaign only), will be available for $4.99USD,” says the blog post.

This is great news, and it’s getting even better. The games will be all covered as soon as they show up in the Halo The Master Chief Collection on Xbox Game Pass for PC, the service which has just launched and already includes lots of titles designed for the platform.

As for the release date, “each title in MCC for PC will be released in a staggered fashion as they are ready, beginning with Halo: Reach. In order to deliver the best native PC experiences possible, we’ll be partnering closely with the community via the Halo Insider program to get work-in-progress builds into players’ hands,” says the post.

So it looks like we’ll need to wait a bit longer, but great things come to those who can’t wait, don’t they?