Early Access on Steam and Xbox Starts for Darwin Project


Scavengers Studios in Montreal has announced that Darwin Project has been officially released into early access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview today. The Canadian studio has been testing the frosty battle royale game throughout several betas and is excited to get the game into the public’s hands. Alongside the announcement comes the release of the “Be the Show Director” trailer.

While the battle royale genre is one of the busiest areas in gaming these days, Darwin Project seeks to stand out from the crowd by offering some unique features, no doubt inspired by the developers’ Canadian influences. The following are key features available in this rather frosty game.

  • Manhunt & Survivial – enemies can be tracking by using environmental clues that the Northern Canadian Rockies provide. I mean snow. Lots and lots of snow. The elements will definitely be a factor in this game.
  • Show Director – featured in the trailer above, the Show Director is the bridge between players and spectators. Think of the position like a battle royale dungeon master, controlling the arena with nuclear bombs, zone closures, gravity storms, and the power of their voice.
  • Live Spectator Interactions – catering to live streamers, the game lets viewers bet live on the competitors, as well as influence the Show Director to determine which players should be helped or hindered.

Darwin Project is available now on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview for $14.99 USD.