Early impressions from the first few hours of the Boomsday Project


The Boomsday Project, Hearthstone‘s latest set, has been out for a few hours now.

Players around the world are currently jamming the weirdest decks you’ll ever seen in a desperate attempt to figure out what’s good. Some will be finding out that what they thought would be playable before the release isn’t actually the case.

Everything at this point is heavily covered in disclaimers. No one knows what’s good yet. And it shows how hard it is to play test a set before release too, as this tweet from Global Games caster Neil “Lorinda” Bond illustrates.

So, with the proviso that no one knows what they are talking about, here are some early impressions from the early moments of the Boomsday meta.

Mech decks

Remember that Mech Paladin deck we posted last week? You might need to pump the breaks on that. It certainly doesn’t seem busted at this point, with Kangor’s Endless Army often pulling a trio of Mechs that aren’t as strong as you’d like. It’s a more difficult balance than might have been expected. Here’s what George “BoarControl” Webb is running right now:

Meanwhile, Mech Warrior seems to have a lot of potential. Dyn-o-matic seems really strong against non-Mech decks—but right now there’s a lot Mech decks on the ladder, so it’s hard to tell really. Mech Bomb Hunter is also something people are experimenting with, with Fireworks Tech a big factor.


It turns out that a deck that was really strong before the expansion is still strong, especially when it just relies on playing good cards every turn. Zoo got some good new tools like The Soularium, Soul Infusion, and Doubling Imp. Right now Dima “Rdu” Radu is at the top of the European legend ladder jamming pretty much the same deck he was before. Zoo looks like it will still be strong.


Priest has got some really interesting stuff going on so far. David “Dog” Caero has been playing Topsy Turvy Priest ever since the expansion hit, nailing OTKs with alarming reliability.

Meanwhile, a lot of players are trying Quest Priest. With more cards able to pull Deathrattle minions out of your deck, not least Zerek’s Cloning Gallery, hitting the Quest reward incredibly early seems easier than ever. Quest Priest is a polarizing, so some will be hoping it gets shaken out as the meta settles.