Elden Ring, Here’s What George R.R. Martin Has Done On From Software’s Game


In an interview with IGN, Hidetaka Miyazaki provided details regarding the work that George R.R. Martin conducted on Elden Ring, the much anticipated next title from the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne at Japanese developer From Software.

From what we learned, Miyazaki has always been a fan of Martin, and this was the main reason behind asking him if he wanted to work together on something from the studio. As Martin accepted, epic fantasy writer embarked on a quest of building the mythology around Elden Ring.

We’ll get the chance to learn about that mythology in a way somewhat similar to Dark Souls’ overall story, as we’ll receive additional details on that overarching lore by finding objects and meeting people throughout the game. Miyazaki has written the main story.

“It all started with me being a fan of Mr. Martin’s works. A Song of Ice & Fire and its drama adaptation Game of Thrones are both masterpieces. I am also very fond of Fever Dreams and Tuf Voyaging. When we sat down together, it clicked right away. I proposed to make a game together, and he said yes. I was surprised by how smoothly it all went,” Miyazaki commented.

Miyazaki also said that the characters and the world of the game would have more “personality” and “depth” in comparison with the previous outcomes of From Software. Thanks to the involvement of Martin, he would be open to the idea of a novelization after the release despite fears that a novel would end up disclosing too many specific details about the story.

Elden Ring is set to release in 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.