Elder God Wars: Extinction brings RuneScape’s Elder God Wars saga to an end today over a year after it started

We have reached the endgame.

Image via RuneScape YouTube

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Over a year since it began, the Elder God Wars storyline in RuneScape has come to an end. From today, everyone playing on PC, Android, and iOS has access to the high-level, members-only Elder God Wars: Extinction Grandmaster Quest.

Elder God Wars: Extinction brings the Elder God Wars story to an epic, and difficult, conclusion. Completing the Grandmaster Quest (RuneScape’s first since 2016) will bag you with big rewards. You’ll receive four Quest Points, four 175k XP Lamps, a new high-level skilling location, and more upon completion.

To play the Elder God Wars: Extinction content you’ll need to complete a few specific quests. Thanks to the official RuneScape website, we know that you’ll need to complete “Desperate Measures,” “City of Senntisten,” and “Eye of Het II” to play through the ending of Elder God Wars. It’s recommended, too, that you complete “Sliske’s Endgame,” “One of a Kind,” and “Sins of the Father.” Playing through these questlines will let you fully understand the lore and plot of Elder God Wars: Extinction.

In a press release, RuneScape product director Matt Casey explains that, as Extinction is “the epic conclusion” to the game’s 20th anniversary, “players can expect familiar faces and enemies as they journey across Glielinor as this concluding chapter in the Elder God Wars saga unfolds.” Elder God Wars: Extinction isn’t the last new story we’ll see in RuneScape, with the development team “excited for players to see what happens next.” For now, though, it’s time to finally bring the Elder God Wars to an end.