Elder Scrolls Blades coming to Nintendo Switch Fall 2019 | E3 2019


Bethesda’s E3 2019 conference kicked off with informing the crowd that Elder Scrolls Blades is headed to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

For players who have already played the game a good chunk of the way on their mobile devices, don’t fear about repeating the process. Bethesda revealed that the games are going to feature cross-save progress, meaning anything you do on your mobile device will transfer to the Nintendo Switch version.

The game initially released for mobiles and came out as a beta to see how the fans enjoyed the overall gameplay. So far, fans have enjoyed the base gameplay, but many feel that the waiting to play portion of the game is going to hurt when the game comes out.

The Nintendo Switch is the only console that Elder Scrolls Blades is releasing onto, at this time. Given that the game first released on mobile devices, it makes sense for the game to work with Nintendo.

It’s going to remain free on the Nintendo Switch.