Ellie Is In Seattle To Rescue Tommy, Joel’s Brother – The Last of Us Part II


In The Last of Us Part II‘s latest trailer, we learn that Joel and Ellie are staying at Tommy’s outpost in Jackson, Wyoming. It’s the snowy location where it all starts.

From what we’ve seen in the trailer, Ellie and Dina go patrolling the area, and Dina gets killed by human enemies.

Those could be the Seraphites, which have been the antagonists in the very violent Paris Games Week 2017 trailer. They could also be the Wolves, the Washington Liberation Front. They don’t get shown directly in the act of doing that in the clip.

So, if you guessed that Ellie is in Seattle to seek vengeance against the WLF for the murder of Dina, it’s not that simple. We learn that the protagonist moves to Seattle (also, at least) to rescue Tommy, who is Joel’s brother, who gets kidnapped.

We were told you a few days ago how bad the Wolves are. They have been handling the Washington region for 15 years with a xenophobic and aggressive way. They imprison and kill everyone who comes to them from the outside in their territory.

We don’t know what led them to kidnap Tommy; it could’ve happened he was in the area trying to get some information or resources, and they got him, or the two factions could have had some shady business in the past. Whatever happened, it was after Ellie left the outpost as in the trailer, we see him give her a weapon for her journey.

As for more details, that’s something that we’ll only learn with the game releasing on Feb. 21, 2020, a PlayStation 4 exclusive.