English-Speakers Could Play Persona 5 Royal as Early as February, If You Don’t Mind Subtitles


One of the biggest (both in terms of reception and in actual size) RPGs of the last decade is Persona 5. For some time now, fans of the game have been awaiting more information on Persona 5 Royal, which will include some extra content that wasn’t in the original release.

Those in the West usually have to wait longer for Persona releases, as the localization process can take quite a while. However, it seems that English-speakers will be able to play the new version of the game earlier than they may have thought.

Persona 5 Royal recently became available to pre-order from the Taiwanese and Indonesian PlayStation Stores, and they brought some interesting information with them. According to the PlayStation Store listings, both the Taiwanese and Indonesian versions of the game will include English subtitles. While there is more to the localization process than just translation, English-speakers who want to play the game as soon as possible may consider creating a Taiwanese or Indonesian PlayStation account to play with English subtitles.

Persona 5 Royal is currently out in Japan, and it releases in Taiwan and Indonesia on Feb. 20, 2020. The Western release date for the game has yet to be revealed, so some may want to take advantage of those English subtitles and play in February.

There is a Persona 5 Royal announcement slated for Dec. 3, however, which may or may not involve the game’s Western release date. It’s certainly possible that they could announce that the fully English-voiced version of the game will come out on Feb. 20 anyway, but we’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow’s announcement entails.

Persona 5 Royal will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 upon release.