Epic Games Launcher Users Experiencing Login Issues, But It’s Aware of the Problem

Epic Games Launcher Problems

If you tried to log in to the Epic Games Launcher this morning, you might have experienced problems upon getting to the login screen. Fret not, as the publisher behind the launcher is aware of the problem.

Acknowledging various members of the community with their complaints, Epic Games took to Twitter a while ago, noting it was working on a solution.

“We are aware that some users are experiencing login issues on the Epic Games Launcher,” it noted in its reply. “We’re investigating now and will provide an update as soon as it’s resolved.”

It didn’t provide any timetable as to when the problem will be fixed, but expect it to be back up sooner rather than later.

Epic didn’t say as to where the problem is coming from. However, some users have noted that there’s an issue that points at “trying to send request twice” on the login screen, as Valid Zack notes below.

Others could simply be affected by not being able to go past the typical login screen.

Thus far, the community has been responsive to the issue, though some have taken the opportunity to complain about other things, like Fortnite’s latest tournament and possibly updating Unreal Tournament.

Considering the popularity of the Launcher and the games it works with, it probably shouldn’t be too long before it’s up and running again. We’ll let you know if Epic Games provides an update.