Epic Games Requests Leakers To Not Spoil The Fortnite/Star Wars Event


Fortnite is having a crossover event with Stars Wars, offering players unique skins based on the highly popular multi-media franchise. Besides the skin, Epic Games will be premiering an exclusive scene for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker live at the Risky Reels on Dec. 14.

The Risky Reels is an in-game area player can go to in Fortnite Chapter 2. Check out our piece in how to find out where is the Risky Reels in the game.

The doors for the Risky Reels will open at 1:30pm ET, and the show will start at 2pm ET. Players who attend will receive a TIE Whisper Glider.

On the night before the event, Epic Games has requested leakers on discord not to spoil the Star Wars event. Fortnite YouTuber HYPEX shared a screenshot of the message on Twitter. The screenshot originated from Twitter user Jaren; according to Jaren, Epic’s letter is being DM to specific people on discord.

The message is asking leakers not to leak anything about the Star Wars event before it starts. They want to make the event “a truly one-of-a-kind spectacle, and allow players to experience it for the first time without any preconceived notions or leaks.”

Usually, companies do not go out of their way to send messages to fans and specifically request them not to spoil the game. The companies are generally wise enough to realize that asking such a demand will fall on deaf ears. Epic Games’ message even directly states that they are aware that “not everyone may go along with it.”

Epic Games most likely sent out these requests to avoid a legal nightmare from the owners of Star Wars, Disney, and Lucasfilm. Disney is known to be strict with their intellectual property, so who knows what kind of rights issues will happen if massive leaks on Star Wars spread before the event occurs.

With that said, Star Wars isn’t the first time Fortnite has crossed over with a Disney owned property. There have been skins based on Marvel characters released in the game beforehand. However, in those cases, the crossover was purely cosmetic. At tomorrow’s event, an exclusive scene will be revealed to the world a week before The Rise of Skywalker opens.