Epic Embraces The Spirit Of Giving By Sending 12 Free Games Your Way Before January


The Epic Games Store is aggressively embracing the spirit of giving this Christmas by offering up twelve free games before January. Starting on Dec. 19, a new free game will be available every day until the New Year. The offer will coincide with their Christmas sale on the Epic Games Store, so you might want to think carefully about what might come your way for free before you drop any cash.

Epic Games are no stranger to giving away free games on their store, but this run of freebies is undoubtedly good news for all PC gamers out there. We don’t know what the games will be yet, so we will have to wait until Dec. 19 when we find out what the first one will be.

Over the last year, they have given away For Honor, Limbo, Overcooked, Transistor, The Witness, Hyper Light Drifter, and many more. The giveaways began landing every two weeks, before growing to weekly for the latter half of the year. It would seem that for the last twelve days of 2019, they will be giving away a free game each day.

We don’t know what Epic’s free offerings will be like next year, as the company has been shy to share its plans. I would expect to see more though, as Epic continues its war on the hearts and minds of gamers, and do what they can to find a foothold in the crowded market of places on the internet you can buy games from.

There is also a sale going on the Epic Store right now that will run until Dec. 16, to celebrate the various winners from the game awards this year. If you are looking for cheap, or even free, games this year, then it appears the Epic Store is a spot worth checking out right now.