The Epic Mega Sale Is Live From Now Until June 13, Featuring Some Deep Discounts


Epic Games have just launched the Epic Mega Sale, featuring some very deep discounts on games available from their Epic Games Store. The sale will run from today, until June 13. It is a pretty impressive sale, publishers and developers are selling their games at a discounted price of anywhere up to 75% off. Also, for every game purchase $14.99 and above, Epic Games provides an additional $10 off to you at no cost to the publisher or developer.

This makes it a great time to purchase some of those games you have been thinking about getting. For example, Borderlands 3 is up for pre-order, so does not have any publisher discount, but still benefits from the $10 Epic discount. Discounts are also clearly marked on the store. If you click on a game, you will clearly be able to see what price the developers have reduced the game to and then the price with the Epic discount, if applicable. This is great to avoid any potential confusion about exactly how much is being taken off the price of a game, and why.

If you have been wondering what Epic was going to do to really try to appeal to consumers and give them a reason to buy something from their store, then this appears to be it. It is a great time to consider pre-ordering games such as Borderlands 3, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, or Phoenix Point, as it is unlikely, you will be able to do so for cheaper on another store. Even games like Shakedown Hawaii, which just released, can be picked up for about $10 with the Epic discount applied.

For now, this will certainly tempt a lot of people on to the store, but it also helps to highlight some of the issues the store still has. It still lacks a search function, and the general layout is quite poor when compared to other stores that give games a smaller footprint in the app itself. Still, it is a move in the right direction when it comes to winning over consumers.