Erica, a Live-Action PlayStation Thriller, Available Now

Flavourworks’ brand new live-action, choose your own adventure game, Erica, is available to download right now on the PlayStation store. Touting the “production values of a Hollywood movie,” Erica sees you unravel a murder mystery plot in an appropriately dark setting.

To add a bit more intrigue, players control the game from their smartphone. Players are going to perform specific actions in the game using their smartphone devices, such as flipping through books and turning the pages by turning their phones the particular way. This mechanic might become an annoying gimmick if it doesn’t work correctly from action to screen. But, it could provide a unique way for the narrative to get told by the developers. Either way, it looks a bit more interest interesting than Netflix’s Bandersnatch.

Information on Erica is light on the ground as it’s a bit of a surprise launch, a staple tradition for Gamescom. Don’t take that as an indicator of quality because previously, PT was also a Gamescom surprise back in 2014. The trailer below may pique your curiosity further.

Erica is available on the PlayStation Store right now for $9.99. Check it out and see what you can uncover in this thrilling mystery.