Final Fantasy fun is coming to Everybody’s Golf


Everybody’s Golf is one of the cutest golf-related games around (save for Golf Story, of course) and it’s about to get even cuter. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of long-running role-playing series Final Fantasy, it’s about to welcome a few cool new pieces of DLC. There’s a lot of cute stuff coming to the game, according to the latest issue of Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu, so you may want to brace yourself. 

First off is the chocobo. It’s already something we all wish we had in real life — a bird you can ride like a horse and feed delicious greens? Sold. Now you can have your own in Everybody’s Golf to ride around instead of a golf cart. Are we dreaming right now? Nope, the bright yellow bird is coming to the game Feb. 26, and will cost 500 yen. 

Next up is the special Final Fantasy Anniversary Collaboration Cup for you to play in, which gets you outerwear that jazzes you up just like a cactuar. You also get a special cap just for participating. You also get a moogle costume if you happen to get to the finals. 

If you want the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Design Cart, you don’t have to do anything to get it, it should be added to your inventory. Unfortunately, it appears that those are the only details at present about the upcoming DLC, which will be coming to the Japanese version of the game, but we don’t have official confirmation about any western release just yet. It should be coming down the pipeline soon, however, and we’ll be having a lot more fun on the green when it does. Just think, a chocobo golf cart!