Everything announced during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini


Today’s Nintendo Direct Mini brought all sorts of surprises, especially in the form of titles like Dark Souls: Remastered (coming to the Switch on May 25) and Super Mario Odyssey (which is getting a competitive mode in a new DLC). But there was also a cavalcade of new games also coming to the Switch, with plenty of goodies to look forward to. 

First up, Mario Tennis Aces is bringing back the coveted story mode to the Mario Tennis franchise, as Mario Tennis lands on Nintendo Switch. It’s time to suit up and bring your best tennis gear to the court as Mario and friends return for some tennis ball-smashing action. It marks the first time the series has seen the inclusion of a story mode ever since Game Boy Advance, with a combination of story missions, boss battles, and more. It’s projected for a spring launch for Switch, which should give you plenty of time to warm up before you challenge your favorite Mario character to a match. 

Donkey Kong returns in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which is being reborn on Nintendo Switch. The original game is included in all its slippery, frozen glory with a brand-new beginner mode that lets players take up the mantle of Funky Kong, a “groovy” new character who can hover, double jump, and use his surfboard to do a lot of cool tricks underwater. You can pick up this enhanced port on May 4. 

Kirby’s got a new game brewing in the form of Kirby Star Allies, which places the pink puffball in a new artist role. His new Artist ability lets him be a little more “creative” in his endeavors, and he can even become a spider with the new Spider ability, which allows him to trap enemies in sticky webs. Four players can jump into the game together and unleash torrents of pain on enemies with new Friend Abilities as well. You can pick up Kirby’s latest adventure on Nintendo Switch on Mar. 16. 

The World Ends with You returns from its exile back on the original Nintendo DS (and seemingly abandoned mobile release) for The World Ends with You: Final Remix, all the way from 2008. It’s hitting Switch with a new epilogue and Joy-Con support. It also includes optional touch screen support, and will launch later this year. This is certainly something to get hyped over. 

Rounding things out after the expansive list of Nintendo first-party announcements, SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~ is making its Switch debut this summer, grabbing special heroines from the history of SNK’s video game catalogue and slotting them into a tag-team fighter. Additionally, you’ll see Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and Payday 2 heading to the Switch this year as well. 

The gorgeous new platformer Fe has been dated for its Switch release on Feb. 16. Players can romp through a darkly beautiful Nordic forest to interact with the flora and fauna there. Celeste is another platformer that you can expect to see coming to the system, though a lot earlier, later this month on Jan. 25.

Finally, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets a new injection of content with a new character added to the game. Donkey Kong will make his debut as a playable character with a new storyline and world in addition this spring. You can grab it as part of the Gold Edition or Season Pass version of the game or purchase it separately. 

It’s a great time to be a Switch owner, and the rest of the year is going to be rife with new releases. If you don’t have a Switch yet, it may very well be time to get one.