Everything We Know About Dynamax in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield


One of the new features coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is called Dynamax. When this happens, the Pokemon in question becomes bigger, stronger, and requires more than one Pokemon trainer to take it down.

While in this mode the entire arena becomes darker, with the Dynamax Pokemon looming at the front of it. You and three other trainers are going to surround it, taking it turns attacking it to bring it down.

You’re only going to encounter Dynamax Pokemon in specific areas throughout the Galar region. During the Pokemon direct we did see one of the trainers pull out a massive Pokeball that they used to capture one of these unusual creatures, so we can guess that these Dynamax Pokemon trainers encounter in the wild are going to be available for capture.

Outside of these unique combat encounters, trainers can also Dynamax their Pokemon. However, the effect only lasts for three turns. During this transformation, the Dynamax Pokemon are going to receive a power-boost and new moves they can use during the battle.

These new moves are called Max Moves. A Max Move is incredibly powerful, and can even trigger additional effects to happen during the fight, such as hitting a Pokemon with one of these attacks and lower their overall Speed stat. The Max Move a Pokemon knows determined by attacks they already know in their normal state.

We’re still learning about this story, and we will be updating this story as we receive additional information.