Everything You Missed in Sony’s Dec. 10 State of Play


Sony had its last State of Play stream of the year today, highlighting upcoming games for the PlayStation 4 and PS VR. Ranging from indies to exclusives, fans will have a lot to look forward to next year.

Find the revealed games and their release dates and trailers below.

Untitled Goose Game – Dec. 17

The much-beloved (and much-hyped) Untitled Goose Game will bring its signature havoc to the PS4.

Spellbreak (Closed Beta) – Spring 2020

The weird and majestic Spellbreak will be available in the coming months, mixing the battle royale genre in with unique gameplay.

Dreams – Feb. 14

Dreams is made by the same creators of Little Big Planet, so if you love relaxing while exploring the game’s world, then Valentine’s Day will be a highly anticipated day for this game.

Superliminal – 2020

Superliminal started off as a PC title, but later down the road, it will be available for the PS4, with fun problem solving with tricky visual environments.

Paper Beast (PS VR) – Q1 2020

With virtual reality being prominent in gaming, Paper Beast will be one of the new titles for PlayStation’s VR library.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC – Jan. 23

The story of Kingdom Hearts 3 continues, featuring fan-favorite Final Fantasy character Aerith and the characters figuring out how to get Sora back.

Predator Hunting Grounds – Apr. 24

Predator fans, you’re in luck for an exciting looking game. It will also include a classic costume for the horrifying creature as a preorder bonus.

Babylon’s Fall – more information in Summer 2020

Platinum Games and Square Enix collaborate once again to bring a new IP with a hack-and-slash genre. If you crave something similar to Nier: Automata, then Babylon’s Fall will be a nice treat.

Resident Evil 3 + Project Resistance – Apr. 3

The HD remake of Resident Evil 3 has now been revealed, and we only have a few months before it comes out. And it also includes a co-op adventure, offering more than just a remake.

Ghost of Tsushima – release date currently unknown

The last game revealed in Sony’s State of Play is the highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima. One teaser is nice, but the fact that there will be a longer trailer coming soon is enough to get players hyped.