Ex Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Offers Comment On The Latest Reveal


As you might remember, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been in the making for a while at an external developer, CyberConnect2, known for a lot of Japanese games such as Naruto and Asura’s Wrath, before being grabbed by an internal unit at Square Enix.

Back in the days, the game has not been reputed good enough by game director Tetsuya Nomura, so it was decided that it would have been built internally by the Japanese publisher and developer.

At E3 2019, Game Informer has asked CyberConnect2 how it feels about the re-reveal of the game since it has been working on it for quite a long while and it could be disappointing to see it shaped up like this without being involved anymore.

“I think as a fan and as a creator, I have very, very high expectations for what this game is going to bring to all these long-awaiting fans as well as the industry,” Ryosuke Hara, game director on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, told the magazine.

“I think I’m genuinely just excited to see how it will be packaged, and how this game is going to end up looking in its final form,” Hara said, without shying away from expressing his enthusiasm.

So, it looks like CyberConnect2 and Square Enix have parted ways amicably, despite having technical issues on the project that have led the development to be conducted internally.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing March 3, 2020, for PlayStation 4.