Ex-Division devs at work on new multiplayer game from “cult classic” IP


A group of developers that previously worked on Ubisoft’s The Division splintered off to create a new studio called Sharkmob, and now Sharkmob has announced its first project. It’s a multiplayer game of some sort that’s based on an as-yet unknown “cult classic” IP.

What that means is currently pretty unclear, but it’s exciting to hear that there’s something new coming from the folks that brought us the original Division, especially since The Division 2 is on the way, and fans of the first game obviously liked the things members of Sharkmob were doing. 

According to the Sharkmob website, the team is working on an “unannounced project” with an “undisclosed publisher,” which will be released on multiple platforms and with the Unreal Engine. Just about the only details Sharkmob can currently share seem to be the fact that it will be “action-packed” with an M rating to top things off. It’s not terribly hard to imagine what kind of game ticks all those boxes, but we don’t have anything more official to go on that that information yet. 

There are plans in the future to turn the game into a franchise and additional “live services” later on down the road, according to Sharkmob CEO Fredrick Rundqvist in a recent interview with VentureBeat. With a team comprised of members who worked on games like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3 in addition to the original Division game, whatever this new game is should have plenty of talent to bolster its creativity stores. 

There will likely be stores of additional details coming down the line soon, but for now it’s time to start puzzling over which IP the company could be talking about.