Extinction is a Game Flying Under Most Gamers’ Radars

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Today, news came down the line that features a game that seems to be flying under most radars. Iron Galaxy, the studio responsible for Killer Instinct, has a new, story-driven title set to release on April 10, 2018, and just released a new trailer showcasing their game today.

Extinction is a skill-based fighting game that has you playing as Avil, the last of his kind and the only person on earth capable of killing 150-foot-tall monsters known as ogres. While we don’t know a lot about these ogres just yet, we do know that they threaten to destroy entire villages and their populations due to their size and aggression. Presumably, that’s where you come in.

A few things stand out about the trailer released today, the first of which is how proud Iron Galaxy is to let potential players know that there are no microtransactions. It’s almost the first thing you see when you watch the embedded video. It’s sad that no microtransactions is a selling point for games now, but I don’t blame any developer or publisher who wants to use this as a marketing tool.

When you get to actual gameplay and developer interview footage of Extinction, it’s clear that this is a studio that knows how to make a fighting game. On the surface, the combat looks unique, and the point is driven home that skill-based combat is the focus. Combinations will require not only timing, but also “high level skill execution” according to Kurt Tillmans, lead designer for Iron Galaxy.

I’m the first person to admit that I’m terrible when it comes to fighting games that focus on high levels of skill and timing, but Extinction is piquing my interest. While it does have an online component where you can take on other players in a skirmish mode, it features a campaign that will allow me to be terrible in private, and an art style that looks both unique and beautiful all at the same time.

It’s safe to say that Extinction will get a good look from TL;DR Games. It’s far too early to weigh in with an in-depth evaluation, but so far it’s checking all the right boxes to warrant further examination.