F-Zero Finally Revived As 99 Player Battle Royale On Switch

F-Zero returns in a surprising way: a battle royale. Find out more!

Image via Nintendo

F-Zero, the classic Nintendo high-speed racer, returns after decades in a new, Super Nintendo console-style battle royale. You’ll face off against 98 other racers trying to not only win the race, but knock out other racers as well. For those who remember the old games, the speed and danger of the series appears to be intact, but there’s the added chaos this time around. The tracks are the same size as they were in the old games, but now there are up to 99 cars on them.

Everything We Learned About F-Zero 99

Announced during the September 14 Nintendo Direct, F-Zero 99 maintains much of the original games’ mechanics, but there are also plenty of new ones to enjoy as well befitting its new battle royale style. First and foremost, cars now have a health meter of sorts, called Power, that also acts as a boost resource. Power depletes as you crash into other racers or guardrails, and once it depletes entirely, your machine will explode.

You can expend Power strategically to get a temporary speed boost, and there are on-track items called Super Sparks that appear when other cars collide. Collect enough of them, and you can ascend to the Skyway, a track above the main track that’s usually much clearer of other racers, giving you free rein to get ahead of the competition without the relative risk of being in the pack

The Skyway also has boost pads, which will give you a free, temporary speed increase. Outside of the racetrack, there is a full suite of cosmetic customization options, including colors, decals, and different boost effects. It’s unclear if any of these will be premium purchases, but Nintendo stated during the presentation that you will need to complete goals while racing.

These goals include finishing different race circuits (we saw the King League Grand Prix), or complete certain amounts of races. There’s likely a “win specific numbers of races” for at least a few of the fancier skins, as we did see a goal called “Win your first Team Battle” for a snazzy red vehicle. Each car you can drive has different stats outside their appearance: Durabilty, Recovery, and Grip, plus a max speed and Acceleration stat.

The official F-Zero 99 release is later today.