Fallout 76 Not Going Free To Play

Over the last few hours, a rumor’s been around about Fallout 76 possibly going free to play during the course of the year.

The rumor was based around several retailers not showing copies of the title on their store shelves anymore.

Asked about the matter by a follower on Twitter, Bethesda has commented the rumor, debunking it as expected.

“There is no truth to this rumor,” said Bethesda in a tweet, providing quite an obvious answer to the question.

Fallout 76 Not Going Free To Play

Indeed, the fan had already stated that such move would’ve been a “slap in the face” of old time supporters of the franchise, something “500 Atoms ain’t gonna cut it this time.”

We do know sales have disappointed thus far for Fallout 76 and that the game had a messy launch in terms of performances.

Anyway, with the title in such a bad status and still trying to recover, it wouldn’t make much sense to make it free right away.

So, we can understand Bethesda’s answer and will surely wait for more news about what’s next for Fallout 76.