Fallout TV series in the works for Amazon with the creators of HBO’s Westworld

Strap on your Pip-Boy: a bomb has just dropped.

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It looks like Fallout, the long-running series of acclaimed post-apocalyptic games, will be getting the prestige-television treatment. Fallout developer Bethesda Game Studios have officially licensed out the rights for the franchise to Amazon Studios, which will be working in conjunction with Kilter Films to produce the series. The Amazon Studios Twitter account posted a message today with the tagline often used to tease Fallout content: please stand by.

While a release date has not yet been revealed, the team attached to the project bodes well for what might be coming. Kilter Films is run by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the show-runners for the popular sci-fi HBO series Westworld. Along with another producer from Westworld, Athena Wickham, Lisa Joy, and Jonathan Nolan will serve as executive producers for the Fallout television adaptation, which promises to be a high-caliber mix of the series’ intersection of ’50s aesthetics, quirky humor, and character-driven post-apocalyptic action.

Video game movies and shows have for a long time fallen flat with viewers, but this news, along with the announcement from earlier this year that The Last of Us will be getting the HBO treatment, is a sign that studios are interested in investing what is necessary for the future of video game adaptations.