This Fan-Made Warframe Weapon Crafting Chart is a Real Time Saver


Warframe can be intimidating and complicated when you first start playing it. You need to build your weapons, and some weapons can even be required as ingredients to build completely different weapons. With limited inventory space, it can be hard to keep track of everything that is important and worth holding on to, even if you don’t plan to use it in missions.

Thankfully, the Warframe community is filled with heroes like KaageRyoko on Reddit.

Made a graph to track weapons used as crafting ingredients from r/Warframe

KaageRyoko took the time to make a chart the shows every weapon that can be used to build other weapons. The chart covers everything from simple weapons that you need to make other weapons to what KaageRyoko has dubbed the “nightmare web of weapons,” where multiple weapons are required to build something, which is then needed to make another weapon. Even worse, some weapons end up being an ingredient in numerous other recipes, complicating the issue even further.

Variant weapons are also marked, to make it instantly apparent if you are building a Prime, Wraith, Prisma, or any other variant weapons in the game. It’s an incredibly useful chart and should help to save you lots of time and resources.

This chart allows you to check the build paths of your weapons quickly, so you can decide if you want to hold on to them, or what you can build next. Experimenting with builds and weapons is a central part of Warframe, so make sure you don’t dismiss any options without exploring them fully.

This should save a lot of blushes for some players out there. Resources like this help to cut down on the confusion of these massive, sprawling games, so hats off to KaageRyoko for their hard work.