Fans discover Starfield collector’s edition watch and manual

The watch appears to be a high quality collector’s item.


Screengrab via Gamepur

Fans on the Starfield Subreddit have discovered what appears to be a collector’s edition watch and manual for a special edition of the game. While the special edition these items go with remains a mystery, the watch certainly looks a lot better than the bag many Fallout 76 owners received for pre-ordering a special edition of that game.

The manual names the collector’s edition watch as the LPV6 Chronomark. It’s been created by The Wand Company, a business that specializes in making props from TV shows, movies, and games. At the top of the watch is “Est 2188” and “Chronomark” is at the bottom, indicating that Chronomark is a company in the Starfield universe.

While the manual contains a lot of information about the product, it appears to be a draft only. However, it shows that this watch isn’t a simple trinket. Among the listed features is moon phase tracking, a barometer, accurate weather information, a sun tracker, and, of course, the ability to tell the time.

Image via Manuals Plus

It’s unclear if the watch is meant to work with the game upon release. While some of the images show a notifications feature, this may be something that links with your phone rather than Starfield. More Starfield news is due to be revealed later this year, but we’ll probably have to wait until much closer to the game’s release date before we find out which collector’s edition this watch belongs to.