Fans follow up Earthbound Nintendo Switch announcement with beautiful Mother 3 tribute

It’s not a remake, but it is gorgeous.

Image via Curiomatic

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Mother 3 has never been released outside of Japan, where it released on Game Boy Advance in 2006. Fans have been begging for an official Western release ever since but to no avail. At least we have fan projects, like this gorgeous new tribute from Curiomatic.

Curiomatic is a YouTube channel that creates 3D models of gaming icons, most notably Super Smash Bros. wishlist characters. To celebrate seven years of making videos, the collective has released a beautiful Mother 3 tribute video. Note that this is not a remake of the game — the video says as much at the start — but it is still a loving bit of animation. The claymation look is frankly stunning, and it’s sure to reignite the demand for a proper re-release of the original game.

Of course, Mother 3 discourse has already resurfaced thanks to Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings coming to Nintendo Switch. Originally called Mother and Mother 2 in Japan, the classic RPGs are available now as part of the Nintendo Switch Online program. Their re-release prompted an interview with Mother 3 producer Shinichi Kameoka, in which the developer said he would “also love to see Mother 3 released in the US and Europe.” Fingers crossed, Kameoka. For the time being, we have several fan creations, including this incredible work by Curiomatic.