Fans Are Upset With New System That Replaces Loot Boxes in Rocket League


Last month, Psyonix announced that are getting rid of Loot Crates from their game Rocket League. Today they released patch V1.70, which replaced all crates with Unrevealed Blueprints. A new item shop is available to players, and all keys and decryptors have been switched into Credits and Bonus Gifts.

GameSpot was one of the first to report that fans are expressing problems with the new features that replaced the old Loot Crate system. Fans have pointed out on Reddit that many of the new pricing for upgrades and new vehicles are too high, and are now much more challenging to acquire beforehand. Even pure cosmetics can cost thousands of credits.

Whereas Unrevealed Blueprints are more transparent of what players are getting if they purchase them, it costs much more to buy one item than it was before with the old Loot Crate system. A Redditor pointed out that initially each crate will require one key, and each crate guaranteed players with one item. That means if players had 23 keys, they could get 23 crates and get 23 items. However, with this new model, getting an item will now cost the equivalent to that of 23 keys.

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Some gamers have also pointed out that the DLC shop is missing, which means that players cannot buy DLC cars or items. With how pricing now works in the game, many are worried that the DLC will return with a higher price than before.

Some fans have put the blame of the annoying new features on Epic Games, a firm that bought Psyonix earlier this year.

Epic Games has been a source of controversy throughout 2019, but it is unknown if the company or not in fact cause the issues with Rocket League’s latest patch.

Psyonix can fix the new pricing model and other issues with a new patch, though at this moment there is no word if that will happen.