Fans were unable to bring their Code: Veronica remake to life due to Capcom cancelling the project

Forever in our hearts.

Image via Capcom

Developer BriinsCroft has been working on bringing a fan-made Resident Evil – Code: Veronica remake to life in the glorious Unity for some time now. Some months ago, the team showed off a surprisingly well-made trailer, and over the summer fans even got to sample the opening of the game in a demo. The developer was full steam ahead in releasing the game in its entirety, but it looks like this project is now as dead as the zombies that inhabit it, as Capcom has officially killed the venture.

The website for the project has been completely removed, now only displaying the sentence, “Capcom has decided to cancel the project.” Furthermore, the developer has stated on its Discord server that it was not due to the team accepting donations, but because it was using the franchise’s name and characters. BriinsCroft was also in the process of remaking the original Resident Evil in the same manner, and this has also been canceled.

For those who don’t know, Resident Evil – Code: Veronica is a side game that takes place between Resident Evil 3 and 4. It is one of the few titles in the series that features the main protagonists and actually furthers the main narrative, so it has always been seen as an actual part of the main games by most fans. Players speculated that it would be receiving the official remake treatment by Capcom after Resident Evil 3, but it turned out that Resident Evil 4 was granted this honor instead.

Capcom hasn’t written off an official remake for Code: Veronica, or other titles that haven’t been modernized yet, but it looks like fans will have to enjoy the current version of the games until the company decides to do it themselves.