Far Cry 5 Comes With Denuvo Anti-Piracy DRM, EULA Notes


Remember Denuvo, the invasive DRM included with Sonic Mania’s PC launch? Turns out Far Cry 5 is using the same exact DRM model as an anti-piracy measure for the game’s PC release, according to the title’s End User License Agreement.

Denuvo was first spotted for Far Cry 5 by DSOGaming after the website poured over the game’s EULA on Steam. During one of the agreement’s clauses, Ubisoft notes that Far Cry 5 “is protected by digital rights management software (“DRM software”) and Denuvo anti-tamper protection technology.”

The EULA warns that players have a 24 hour limit capped on Far Cry 5 installations, with only five copies installable in the course of one day. The game also requires an online connection to “unlock the product through the DRM software,” and the EULA warns that certain files for Denuvo “may remain even after the product is uninstalled from your computer.” In short, that means installing Far Cry 5 may open players up to permanently having the DRM’s files on their machines.

Not much else is known about Far Cry 5’s DRM features quite yet, but for fans expecting a relatively painless PC installation, it seems Far Cry 5 will still come with one too many anti-piracy features for most PC gamers’ preferences. In the meantime, Far Cry 5 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 27, 2018.

H/T GamingBolt