Far Cry 5 Gameplay Trailer Introduces More Friends and Enemies in Hope County


Far Cry 5 is less than a month away, and Ubisoft is showing off players’ upcoming friends and foes with a new gameplay trailer, “Mayhem in the Mountains Gameplay.”

In the trailer, Ubiblog editor Mikel Reparaz shows off a militaristic and authoritarian sector of Eden’s Gate led by Jacob Seed, cult leader Joseph Seed’s brother. There’s also the Whitetail Militia, a heavily-armed civilian group facing off against Seed, and a female mercenary named Jess Black interested in shutting down a flamethrowing cultist named The Cook.

Players can also meet Cheeseburger, a tamed bear with an appetite for cultists, as well as the rocket launcher-touting Hurk Drubman Jr. from Far Cry 3, who returns as a Gun For Hire within the game. The trailer even shows off some co-op gameplay, which promises players can still bring along a Gun For Hire AI companion alongside an additional player when the game lands. Check out the full trailer below.

Far Cry 5 lands on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 March 27. Read up on the full game here before you buy it.

H/T r/Games