Catch Far Cry 5’s Pre-Launch Livestream on March 23


Far Cry 5 is less than a week away, and to celebrate the game’s impending launch, Ubisoft is hosting a special pre-launch livestream teaser tomorrow afternoon

The event, which begins at 3pm ET on March 23, will feature community developers and script writer Marri Lynn Knadle for live gameplay showing off the game’s single-player campaign and Arcade section. The stream is viewable on both YouTube and Twitch.

It’s unclear for now what the pre-launch stream will cover, but at the very least, expect to meet some of the game’s main characters and supporting cast as Ubisoft introduces the title’s core gameplay.

Far Cry 5 casts players as as a junior deputy fighting a bloody war against a cult called “Project at Eden’s Gate,” led by the charismatic Joseph Seed. Taking place across fictional Hope County, Montana, the player leads a team of misfit resistance fighters in an attempt to take back the county and prevent the cultists from gaining any further ground.

With the game’s release mere days away, Far Cry 5 looks to be one of the biggest Far Cry releases to date. Ubisoft promises 25 hours for the singleplayer campaign’s main story alone, which is significantly higher than the past few Far Cry releases. Expect to fill those 25 hours with plenty of sniping, exploding, shooting, and mowing down cultists, based on the game’s spoiler-free trophy list.

Pick up Far Cry 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One by March 27. For more information on the game’s PC system requirements, check out our overview of the game’s video settings here.