Far Cry 5’s PC Preload Date Has Been Revealed


Far Cry 5’s release date is approaching fast this month, and with just a few weeks away, PC fans now know when they can preload the game. Players will be able to download Far Cry 5’s PC files starting March 23, according to the game’s Uplay listing.

The news comes from a post on r/FarCry, which includes a screenshot from the Uplay store. While no specific time has been provided regarding when the game’s preload starts across other platforms, it’s safe to assume that Steam users can simply preload the game through Uplay as well. All contemporary PC Ubisoft games are launched through the company’s official distribution platform regardless of where they’re bought.

In the meantime, while the PC version’s file size is still unknown, another post on r/FarCry reveals how big Far Cry 5 will be for Xbox One players who want to preload the game before release. The upcoming title will reportedly take up 37.55 GBs to download. Xbox users can already preload the game, but they won’t be able to play until Far Cry 5 launches on March 27.

H/T r/FarCry