Far Cry 5 Has Players Recover Donald Trump’s Alleged “Pee Tape”


Warning: Spoilers for a Far Cry 5 sidequest below.

Far Cry 5 may not be “political commentary,” but it certainly isn’t afraid to make fun of U.S. President Donald Trump. A new report from Polygon reveals that a Far Cry 5 sidequest has players recover Trump’s alleged “pee tape.”

In “Patriot Acts,” a special agent called Willis Huntley reaches out to the protagonist, telling the player that “the Big Man himself” tasked him with finding a tape that, if released, could “look bad to the public.” As it turns out, the game’s antagonist Joseph Seed gave refuge to a man who happens to have the tape, thus giving Project at Eden’s Gate leverage over the federal government.

So Huntley makes a deal with the player: If the Junior Deputy can recover the tape, then the federal government will “solve your little cult problem for you.” But over the course of the mission, it becomes glaringly obvious that the tape in question references a real alleged tape that’s haunted President Trump since his presidency first began.

For those unfamiliar, the pee tape is an alleged recording from 2013 that depicts President Trump watching sex workers urinate on a presidential suite in Moscow’s Ritz Carlton Hotel, which President Barack Obama and his wife previously used for an official trip, Cosmopolitan reports. Trump has called the claim “fake news,” but journalists and pundits alike continue to speculate whether the tape actually exists.

There’s a couple hints throughout the quest that suggest the tape in question is the infamous pee tape. Huntley contacts the tape’s owner by using “the bed has been wet” as a code word, and he warns the Junior Deputy that the mission, “as ironic as this may sound,” isn’t a “wetworks mission.” Huntley also explains that the pee tape exists because a hotel worker from “Kremlandia” was “a little too nosy with a visitor’s private time in a luxury suite,” mirroring Trump’s alleged behavior in the Ritz Carlton.

This isn’t the first time that video gaming has inadvertently intersected with real-world politics under the Trump administration. The president previously said the U.S. has F-52 fighter jets, but those airplanes only exist in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In the meantime, fans will have to wait until next week to learn more about the Big Man’s big time in Moscow. Far Cry 5 splashes onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 27.

H/T Polygon