Ubisoft Is Reportedly Giving Away “Holy Water” for Far Cry 5


In Far Cry 5, players wage war against an army of apocalyptic religious cultists reigning over Hope County, Montana. And as the game’s release draws near, Ubisoft is giving away “holy water” in the Netherlands to celebrate its launch.

The promotion was first spotted on Reddit’s r/FarCry after a fan took a photo of his “holy water” bottle and uploaded it to the subreddit. The promotional water, which reads “Holy Water powered by Far Cry 5,” appears to be part of a larger pop-up event in Vredenburgplein, Utrecht that turns a storefront into “The Spread Eagle.” The store references a fictional bar run by in-game ally Mary May Fairgrave during Far Cry 5’s main campaign.

Image via [BingoPlayer1](https://www.reddit.com/r/farcry/duplicates/86jzw6/holy_water_handed_out_at_a_far_cry_5_popup_store/)

At the bar’s real life equivalent, visitors can watch soccer, try their hand at billiards, and check out a playable Far Cry 5 demo. There’s even a sanctuary and nave with graffiti mirroring the messages spread by the game’s cult, Project at Eden’s Gate, available for visitors to check out. The bar itself is open until April 2, promoting the new Far Cry game throughout the title’s opening week.

Unfortunately, it seems The Spread Eagle and its supposed holy water will only be available in the Netherlands for the time being. No U.S. or U.K. equivalents have been announced.

In the meantime, Far Cry 5 launches March 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game promises at least 25 hours of single-player content alone, not including time spent exploring Hope County or fighting against other players in the multiplayer Arcade. To see if your computer can handle the game, check out its PC system requirements.

H/T u/BingoPlayer1