Farming Simulator 17: ROPA DLC and Expansion 2 Available


Even though Farming Simulator 19 was recently teased by Giants Software, there’s still plenty of love out there for fans of Farming Simulator 17. The game has just received another influx of fresh content in the form of the ROPA DLC. An Official Expansion 2 pack is also available that combines all three existing DLCs into one tidy bundle.


The ROPA DLC is available today for download on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC and is also included in the Season Pass on consoles. Like previous DLCs, its focus is on adding new machinery, this time of the ROPA brand. Players will be able to use 6 new vehicles and tools from the brand ROPA, such as the ROPA Tiger 6 sugar beet harvester and the ROPA Keiler 2 potato harvester.

Official Expansion 2

The second official expansion for Farming Simulator 17 comes with a harvest of new content, including new vehicles and machinery, but also eBooks (PDFs) to help you create your own content for single and multiplayer. It bundles together the three existing DLCs, adding the new ROPA DLC to the KUHN and Big Bud DLC packs.

PC players eager to create and add new content to the game will also be pleased to discover it also includes the PDF versions of the Official e-books ‘Farming Simulator Modding For Dummies’ and ‘The Art of Modding’.

This means that players will have access to over 38 new vehicles in this expansion and many more tools and real-life brands to work their farm with. The ROPA DLC and Official Expansion 2 are both available now, so get back out into the fields and get to work!