Fear of the Dark Event Starts in Red Dead Online for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and many ongoing games have started Halloween-themed events. Rockstar has recently announced its contribution to this seasonal phenomenon with the new Fear of the Dark mode for Red Dead Online.

In their official announcement, Rockstar reveals that the Fear of the Dark mode will be available to play from now through Nov. 12. Players will also get three times as much Gold and twice as much RDO$ for playing this mode through Nov. 3.

In this mode, supernatural Night Stalkers are going against mortal Hunters. Night Stalkers are faster and stronger than Hunters, but their power comes from the several skull masks lying around their territory. When Hunters steal more and more of these masks, the Night Stalkers become weaker, and the Hunters grow stronger. Hunters win if they can take all of the masks and kill all the Night Stalkers before time runs out. The Night Stalkers win if they survive until time runs out or kill all of the Hunters.

Rockstar also announced other updates to the game that are coming alongside the Fear of the Dark mode this week. New Legendary Bounty Tobin Winfield, a corrupt politician, is wanted for theft and embezzlement and is hiding somewhere in Thieves’ Landing. This week, items, such as the Tobacco Hat, Thacker Hat, Torranca Coat, Manstilla Poncho, Creswell Skirt, Sierra Boots, and Pickett Boots, are available from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalog. Also through this week, Collectors can collect the 1792 Quarter, Old Tom Gin, and Aubrey Onyx Ring from the Veteran’s Collection and receive a stipend from Madam Nazar.

In more Fear of the Dark-related news, players who win a round of the new mode this week get rewarded with an exclusive tint of the Freak Mask. Players can attain the Freak Mask in the first place by achieving Tier 10 of the Outlaw Pass. Those who reach Tier 20 will receive the Horror Mask. Also, Licensed Bounty Hunters will get an exclusive variant of the Creature Mask this week, while Traders will get the Swine Mask and Collectors get the Masquerade Mask. Lastly, all Cleavers, Machetes, Tomahawks, and Throwing Knives are 30 percent off this week.